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Hotstar Watch Party: Turn on Movie Watching To A Cherishable Experience

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Whether you're a binge-watcher or an occasional viewer, you deserve to make the most of your film-viewing experience. One of the best ways to get that is by watching a movie in a theater on a big screen with your group of friends. However, that is not possible all the time because of factors like whether your loved ones live remotely or you are sick and in isolation. Therefore, using the other method, which is watching movies virtually with your friends and family, is beneficial. Here, an online watch party extension like Hotstar Watch Party comes in handy. 

The virtual movie nights are also easy to host and don't require a lot of preparation. Furthermore, you can enjoy the same content with your favorite people in the comfort of your home. Additionally, using a smart group streaming platform like Hotstar Watch Party is an incredible way to accomplish that. Therefore, follow the below guidelines to learn a Hotstar Party to enhance your movie-watching experience.  

How to Anchor a Hotstar Watch Party?

Watch all the blockbusters from Hotstar's content catalog with your far-flung loved ones with Hotstar Party Chrome Extension. Furthermore, host a more grand virtual watch party as the add-on allows up to 100 guests. Additionally, the extension is compatible with multiple OS and devices, including Chrome books, macOS, Windows, laptops, and desktop PCs. Thus, you can create your own movie theater with your party pals. 

Now, follow the below instructions to learn how to install the extension to host a watch party:

  • To begin with, use Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome browsers to look for the Hotstar Party. Alternatively, you can install the extension by going to

  • Get the extension added to your system next. You can also get the extension from the Chrome Web Store.

  • Please secure the extension to the browser's toolbar after installation.

  • Access your Hotstar streaming account by your login user credentials at this time.

  • Then look for and start watching a movie you wish to watch with your party guests.

  • Then, from the video playing screen, go to the browser and tap on the extension to start a watch party.

  • To create an invitation URL, click the "Start A Party" option there.

  • Subsequently, copy the URL and share it with your loved ones or anybody else you want to join your watch party.

  • Finally, click the shared link to participate in the Hotstar virtual watch party.

Why Choose the Hotstar Watch Party Extension?

Thanks to its set of features and top-notch support, Hotstar Party is a performance-oriented watch party add-on for Hotstar. Those features are listed below for you to learn more about this extension.

1.Seamless Synchronization

The primary function of the Hotstar Watch Party Extension is to synchronize the video playback for everyone. Therefore, ensure that all are watching the same thing simultaneously with no one falling behind. Furthermore, video delay is the biggest problem when hosting a virtual watch party. With this add-on, watch content in perfect sync. 

2. Online Chat

Chat with your party mates while you stream together using the chat feature on the side. Sharing your thoughts and emojis as reactions with your loved ones is even more entertaining. 

3. Simple And Quick Installation

Installing the extension and hosting watch parties with Hotstar Party is simple. Click the extension icon from the toolbar immediately after the video has begun playing to start the watch party. To view the movie with you and chat while you watch, send your friends the URL.

4. Control

By taking over the watch party, you may genuinely be its host. The "Only I Have Control" extension to the host provides a button. By turning this button on or off, you can take or give up control of the watch party.

5. Free To Use

The watch party plugin is free to use. Furthermore, it doesn't require any sign-up or account creation. Therefore, host and join unlimited watch parties with your loved ones.

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