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How can i to Watch Hotstar party with your Friends

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Have you ever tried this new way to stream your favorite shows, movies, series, animative videos, etc., with your friends? If not, then here you have the Hotstar Party available on the Disney Plus platform, allowing you to watch your favorite streaming videos worldwide. Moreover, the best is you can even add or invite all your friends and family members while streaming. However, you need to download the Hotstar Party extension on your device to make this happen. 

Apart from this, Disney Plus Hotstar Party is filled with amazing and user-friendly features; that you can use while streaming to amplify your movie night. Now, what are these features, and how can you organize your Hotstar Party by installing the Hotstar Party Extension? Then, don’t go anywhere because below you have the entire information on watch party Disney plus hotstar.       

What are the Relevant Features of Hotstar Party? 

Follow the downward information to unveil the Hotstar Party feature, which you can use to level up your watch party. And these are: 


1. Group Chat while Streaming  

The group chat feature helps you get in touch with your friends and family by chatting with them along with streaming. Another advantage of using this feature on Hotstar Party is sharing opinions and reviews regarding action, romantic and other scenes. You can even send and use emojis and text messages to describe all the scenes appropriately.    

2. Global Accessibility

The next one is Global or worldwide accessibility, which enables you to stream from anywhere in the world. However, if you still face availability issues, even after using this feature, use VPN services to change your location to enable streaming.


3. Stream in HD

If you don’t know, then streaming on Hotstar Party is available in HD picture quality. So you won’t feel worthless after installing the Hotstar Party extension, as it offers a real-life experience. 

4. Profile Customization

The next one is the Profile personalization or customization feature that facilitates you to bring changes and the essence of uniqueness to your profile. To apply this feature, you can add cool and funny avatars to your profile icons. Plus, you can even set the username and nickname to your profile as per your choice. 

5. Control the Watch Party

The feature “Control Watch Party” gives the entire control over the watch party to your or the host's hands. Now to make it happen, enable the “Only I have control” button; you can even disable this button to lose the controllability. As a result, it will allow you to edit and change the settings of the selected videos for streaming.   


How can you Watch a Hotstar Party with your Friends?

How can you watch or create a Hotstar Party with your friends? Then, follow the below steps to know the process descriptively:  


1. Install the Extension 

First, install the Hotstar Party extension on your device by clicking here. But before doing this, ensure to use any of the compatible devices, including Windows, macOS, and Chromebook laptops/PCs. Moreover, you either use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge web browser in your system to proceed. 


2. Pin Extension to the Toolbar

Next, pin the Hotstar Party extension by clicking on the extension icon displayed beside the toolbar. Now, to finish the Pinning process, click on the Watch Party extension in the toolbar. 

3. Sign in to Hotstar Party

As an existing user, you need to sign in to your Hostar login account. But, if you don’t have an account, then create one to watch party Disney plus hotstar. But remember, you and other watch party members must own a Disney Plus Hotstar subscription.  


4. Create a Watch Party 

To create the watch party, begin by signing in to your account, then select and play a video to stream. Further, click on the “DP” button appearing in the toolbar. And then, click on the “Start the Party” icon to create the Hotstar watch party link. Once you finish, share the created-one link to invite your distant and closed ones to the Watch party. 

5. Join a Watch Party

In the final step, you need to join the Hotstar Watch Party by clicking the Watch Party link shared by your friend or host. Afterward, click the Watch Party link to reach the Hotstar Party automatically. So you can connect with other virtual party members to give a kick-start to streaming.  


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